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HARMAN’s JBL Synthesis Reintroduces Its Project Array™ 1000 and Array 800 Loudspeakers at CES 2012

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — At CES 2012, JBL Synthesis announced that it is reintroducing its Array 1000 and Array 800 loudspeakers to its ultrahigh-end Project Array lineup. The Array 1000 floorstanding speaker and Array 800 bookshelf model combine compression midrange/high-frequency and ultrahigh-frequency drivers with dynamic woofers to provide the sonic advantages of both designs.

“We are reintroducing our Array 1000 and Array 800 in response to market demands and the requests of our dealers,” said Jim Garrett, Senior Manager, Marketing HARMAN Luxury Audio Group. “The demand for our Project Array loudspeakers has increased to the point where it makes sense to offer a complete lineup of Array models for custom home theater and high-end audio enthusiasts.”

The Array 1000 and Array 800 combine the exceptional dynamic contrasts, transient response and efficiency of horn-loaded compression drivers with the accurate imaging and low-frequency presence of dynamic drivers, along with superlative resolution, an expansive soundstage and a natural tonal balance.

Both loudspeakers utilize exclusive JBL Bi-Radial® horn compression drivers mounted vertically atop the speakers without being housed in an enclosure. This cabinet-free mounting eliminates enclosure diffraction effects to yield remarkably stable imaging and an immersive three-dimensional sound field. The Bi-Radial horns are made from an inert material to eliminate unwanted audible colorations, and incorporate the midrange/high-frequency and ultrahigh-frequency drivers into a single horn assembly that provides optimum dispersion and a smooth tonal balance both on- and off-axis.

The Array 1000 and Array 800 both incorporate a premium midrange/high-frequency compression driver with an edge-wound aluminum voice coil, high-power neodymium magnet and Aquaplas®-treated aluminum dome; the Aquaplas damping yields smoother, tighter and more accurate sonic performance. The driver operates into a rapid flare phase plug and the Bi-Radial horn assembly. The Array 1000 and Array 800 both employ an ultrahigh-frequency transducer with a 1” pure titanium driver that achieves a frequency response to beyond 40kHz.

The Array 1000 and Array 800 utilize 10-inch and 8-inch treated-pulp-cone woofers, respectively, that are directly derived from JBL’s professional loudspeakers. The cones’ polymer coating treatment augments the pulp-cone fiber with added rigidity and damping, for a more neutral tonal balance and tighter bass response.

The heavy-duty die cast-frame woofers feature large-diameter voice coils that incorporate JBL’s Symmetrical Field Geometry™ (SFG™) technology, which lowers woofer distortion by maintaining a symmetrical magnetic field in the voice coil gap, as opposed to conventional woofers with asymmetrical magnetic fields. The uniform magnetic field ensures linear cone travel, reduces distortion and enables higher power-handling capability.

Complementing their exceptional drivers, the JBL Array 1000 and Array 800 are constructed using the highest-grade materials and internal components, including low-loss air-core inductors in the crossovers and audiophile-grade polypropylene capacitors. The enclosures are made from thick-walled MDF with non-parallel, heavily braced internal chambers to minimize internal standing waves and unwanted sonic colorations.

Totally unique in appearance with a design that blends retro and contemporary elements, the Array 1000 and Array 800 will be available in a rich lacquered black wood finish, complemented by a rubberized flat-black finish for the top.

The JBL Synthesis Project Array 1000 and Array 800 loudspeakers will be available in February 2012 at suggested retail prices of $9,000 and $7,000 per pair.

HARMAN (www.harman.com) designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of audio and infotainment solutions for the automotive, consumer and professional markets — supported by 15 leading brands, including AKG, Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon and Mark Levinson. The Company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of about 12,500 people across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and reported net sales of $4.0 billion for twelve months ending September 30, 2011. 

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