Review of the new JBL 4367 from High Fidelity magazine in Poland

The JBL Model 4367 Studio Monitor premiered in October 2015 at CEDIA, and soon after that was also presented during Audio Video Show 2015 in Warsaw. This review is one of the first, if not the first, review of this product in the world.

The goal that was set when designing these speakers was simple: using solutions developed for M2 Master Reference Monitor, which is JBL's reference model of studio monitors, deliver sound of similar quality but at more affordable price. Today that's a top model of Studio Monitor line, replacing Model 4365.

„The JBL M2 has quickly established itself as the new reference standard in professional monitoring environments, and the JBL 4367 brings this high level of sonic accuracy to consumers ” – said Jim Garrett, Director of Marketing and Product Management, HARMAN . And added: „With the introduction of the 4367, home listeners everywhere can enjoy listening to music exactly as the artists, producers and engineers intended it to be heard, from a loudspeaker that truly excels in every sonic respect. ”


Model 4367 is a two-way speakers with a bass-reflex cabinet. They are huge measuring 941 mm (H) 560 mm (W) and 425 mm (D). They also weight impressive 62 kg (a piece!). They sport steel cone-shape feet that should be placed directly on the floor. The front baffle already says a lot about the design: near the top edge there is a large horn with mid- highrange driver, and below there is a mighty 380 mm woofer with paper membrane sporting neodymium magnet and a double motor system.

Just as Mr Garrett said, JBL with this model introduces a studio monitor to home usage – there are the same drivers (with slight modifications) with passive (and not active) crossover. This loudspeakers in relatively easy to drive with its 6 Ω nominal impedance and 94 dB sensitivity. 4367 sports double speaker posts joined with jumpers.


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