Synthesis Four

Synthesis Four 9-channel Theater System

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Synthesis Four

Synthesis Four systems offer you a choice of ways to fill 4,000 cubic feet of space with dramatic, full-spectrum sound from compact system components. Begin with three-way in-wall main loudspeakers (one S4HC and two S4VC’s).

Back them up with two S4S subwoofers and S800 amplifiers for an all-in-wall solution and four S4Ai in-wall dipole surrounds. Add the power of an SDP-40HD processor/controller, SDEC-3000 digital equalizer and S7165 7-channel amplifier. For rooms where the in-wall S4S is not used, the HTPS-400 can be substituted. (The HTPS-400 is replaced by the 14″ PS1400 active subwoofer in 230-volt markets.)

Synthesis® Four “all-in-wall” 7.2 home theater system is suitable for rooms sized approximately from 1,500 ft3 to 7,500 ft3.

Electronic Components Include: (1) SDP-40HD, (1) SDEC-3000, (1) S3000XLRIC, (1) S7165, (1) S820

Loudspeaker Components Include: (1) S4HC, (2) S4VC, (2) S4S, (2) S4SBB, (4) S4Ai