Loudspeaker Type

  • Floorstanding Loudspeakers

    Traditional full-range loudspeakers primarily used for the main left and right channels in theater and music systems

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  • Bookshelf Loudspeakers

    Compact loudspeakers used for main left and channels or surround channels in theater and music systems

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  • LCR Loudspeakers

    Compact loudspeakers used primarily for main left, center, and right channels when identical speakers are desired for all locations

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  • Center Channel Loudspeakers

    Traditional full-range loudspeaker for the center channel of a surround system

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  • Subwoofers

    Dedicated low-frequency loudspeakers used for theater and music systems

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  • In-wall Loudspeakers

    Flush-mount loudspeakers designed to be installed in traditional residential wall construction and used for main, center, or surround channels

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  • Discontinued Loudspeakers

    Support documentation for JBL Synthesis loudspeakers no longer available

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